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modeling, unwraping, texturing, rigging, animating, rendering (page is still under construction)


Felt like making some grenades (and also learning a little about them in the process) here are three that I modeled, textured, myself, umm I don't really know what else to say about them but please excuse the F-Bomb if it gets dropped.



Made a giant robot (well it is small if you see the size of it on the hard drive) For every kid that loves japanese robots Gundams, Evas, Megazords and anything similar. This was a relatively short process for modeling him, I still have the model all rigged, boned, and ready for animation so please stay tuned to the site to see him come to a deeper form of life.



I have a love for pokemon ever since I was a child, we think it stemmed originally from games like "Monster Rancher." The game was entertaining, educational, simple, and relatively nonviolent. The creatures and all their simplicity made them easier to model and well they were just fun. Here you go enjoy!

Pokemon - Pokemon - GrotlePokemon - Magneton, Magnemite, MagnezonePokemon - StaryuPokemon - MagnezonePokemon - Pokemon - Pokemon - Pokemon - Butterfree

UFC Octagon

It goes without saying that all logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners. I am a UFC fan (sometimes) and one day I had kinda let this happen on my 3ds max canvas.

UFC OctagonUFC OctagonUFC OctagonUFC OctagonUFC Octagon Diffuse Map

Walther P.38 Pistol

These were more or less supposed to be a high poly test and just having fun modeling a pistol from the World War II era. Everybody loves world war II (at least game developers) so I figure I'll jump on the train and try my hand at it. Here is the result (and I am aware of the errors in the accuracy of the handle and the part by the trigger). These are also (at least one of them) sized proportionately to be a descent desktop background.

Walther P.38Walther P.38Walther P.38

Virtua Fighter Level

There was one particular stage, or setting in an older video game that I utterly hated because of how small it was, and if you fall off the edge it triggers the end of a round. I re-designed it in a low-poly (sort of) mesh that I think could have solved the frustrations myself and others had on that particular board. It is textureless because honestly I wanted to throw some fighters in there and see how it played before changing anything around, I am still working on hacking it into some sort of fighting game.

Virtua Fighter LevelVirtua Fighter LevelVirtua Fighter LevelVirtua Fighter Level Concept

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