Information Technology

when you grow up with technology you just know these things

To start out I have been a user on a computer since the MS-DOS 6.22 days then later Windows 3.1 I grew alongside the OS(s). From programming QBasic to python to HTML, javascript, PHP, Actionscript, C++, and various scripting languages along the way. I had started coding when I was 12 and started networking computers shortly after for the purpose of organizing my applications and games through MS-DOS Batch files. My first computer was a compaq 386 with 32MB of RAM. My second, a 486DX4 from IBM with a blazing 100MHz. When I was younger I learned computers from a big brother mentor. I had attached myself to the computer with a tether and strived and still do on a daily basis to gain greater understanding of the machine. How the ram works and is comparable to an apartment complex, to how the processor handles requests. I have mainly been on the software side, I can locate and tell when a bad part is in the system via error beep codes that most BIOS manufacturers install. I have worked on many friends and families PC's and networks getting them to perform what they are needed to do. My third computer I saved my allowances for a year when I was 15, and purchased a Pentium 233MHz machine as my first computer I built myself. Currently I am on my eighth computer system and the best way to describe it is I fell in love with technology.

I have been the personal goto guy for my friends and family for computers and networking needs for over a decade. I helped poverty stricken areas of Saint Paul, Minnesota get their old computers working and online again. The computer is such a useful tool for education that I believe everybody should have access to this tool. I fixed people's computers for almost three years working for RGB Computer Repair. I performed many tasks for RGB and left on good terms.

My first position within the IT field was at a law firm, Administered new users and machines onto domain. Set up Scheduled software executions, Patches, and software upgrades with registry tweaks. Installed/Tested new RAM upgrades, docking stations, monitors, fluid arms, and GOBI 2000 mobile broadband cards in over 100 new notebooks and pre-existing PCs. Imaged new and refurbished machines using Symantec GHOST. Personalized new machines with standardized law firm settings and printers. Experience with RICOH printers and print servers

My second position within the IT field was at a manufacturing warehouse, Imaged new and refurbished machines using Symantec GHOST, Personalized employee’s machines. Set up and scheduled routine backups of company information and synchronizations. Tested, Verified and troubleshot all machines. Configured communications with IBM eSeries server databases utilized through VPN

My third position within the IT field was at a hospital, Inventoried new machines and outdated machines with numerous departments.  Imaged new and existing machines using Symantec Altiris management console and removed machines as required.  Installed over 1000 computers with specific printer assignments on a team around in designated areas using multiple cable management methods.Troubleshot hardware that included existing machines, and interfaces.Set up and configured mobile carts to operate securely.  Utilized HP-PPM portfolio management application and EIT workstation for help desk oriented tasks.  Experience with setting up and troubleshooting VoIP communication systems.  Installed specialized machines and additional equipment onto medical equipment such as control rooms, gas carts, operating (surgery) room systems and mobile carts. Adhered to strict security policy and set up software (encryption, safe-boot, BIOS Passwords, Anti-virus/spyware/malware, Group Policies) as necessary.  Administered users and new machines in Active Directory Group Policies.  Responded to tickets in a timely manner and corrected all known issues. Met all deadlines and exceeded project expectations.

My fourth position within the IT field was at a clothing designer where I, Recorded a manifest of all existing hardware,Prepared machines for transportation for move to new location, Installed PCs and Macintosh computers on a team in pre-designated office areas. Tested network and local connectivity for machines and printers. 

My fifth position within the IT field was at (Could Be You).


Proficient Intermediate Basic
3ds Max
Adobe Acrobat
Unreal 2.0
Unreal 3.0
Source Engine
Torque Game Engine
Torque Game Builder
Unity Game Engine
Android SDK
Symantec GHOST
Symantec Altiris
Data Closet Management
Microsoft OS
File organization
Web Optimization
POE devices
Pixologic Zbrush
Visual Basic.NET
Visual C++
Software Life Cycle
Group Policies
Exchange Server 2008
BEC Legalbar(and tools)
Kasaya Client
nVidia Composer
Torque Constructor
Sentillion Vergence
Novell Groupwise
Hiren's Disk
IET Solutions


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