capturing the moment one photograph at a time

I consider myself still a bit of an amateur photographyer, but I think that's because I can only be as advanced as my tools are. I started with a camera that was an intended "one use" digital camera that I had hacked into a digital camera for multiple uses. I purchased and regrettably had to pawn a Nikon coolpix s2000 in 2010 that caught up to 12 MP. Now I am just using a HTC Thunderbolt as my camera, 8MP so it's a bit of a downgrade, but since they build so many useful devices into a cellular phone now it is maybe worth the sacrifice (although the flash reacts poorly in my opinion). I have an understanding of how the aperature works from my experience with 3ds max and rendering. Here are some of the pictures that I have taken the most pride in.

I don't have many that I am proud of, but I will be the first to admit that the work itself is still amateur at best.

Downtown Minneapolis Oakland CA Pier Rita and the Moth Harley Davidson Oakland General Strike
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