Valve's Source Engine!

took it upon my shoulders to learn this engine that was not in the curriculum at school.

Shoe Mailbox Hat

A simple hat for a simple player kids love shoebox hats also.

Since the Team Fortress 2 Manniverssary I thought I would try my hand using the new ItemTest wizard they got in the Source SDK tools. to my suprise it was pretty cool. I fitted the model to each of the class's heads, after decompiling the player models that is. Then imported it and tested it out, Pretty simple mesh for me, and honestly i'd expect a 5 year old to do the same but now I am focusing on exporting animation sequences. Here is the download. Also, here is the community page for it.

First TF2 Hat The Hat Itself

Noob Galore Knife

This knife texture dedicated to the players of Noob-Galore on Counter Strike Source

Got bored one day, made this knife texture mainly by editing the existing skin on it, and since I had successfully imported textures into source I thought that it may make me stand out a bit more. Download it Here in zip form. There were also some glove textures made that I had noticed in the forum on I thought this may help compliment them, it's a very energetic helpful community.

In Engine Screenshot TextureMap


(upon completion I realized is hould have been CS_Aftermath)

All of this was a lot of fun to me! I found it difficult to learn the process to import custom meshes and textures (although I achieved the texture) into the source engine. It was a great learning experience and really showed me what some of the differently configured engines are capable of. I saw this as an upgrade from Unreal because of the ability to handle normal and specular maps. This was a level made with the concept of a walled in city (to make invisible walls nonexistant mainly) that had shunned themselves from society. After decades of isolation the same phenomena happened inside the walls as they were trying to escape. Social status became rampant and eventually the city ended up as a prison, and a slum, with few people living on the very top, one day the prisoners grasped their freedom and took it. My writing is horrible for this please excuse the story.

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