Torque Game Engine/Builder!

2D and 3D game engine from Gas Powered Games.

Mars Exploration!


We utilized during our education engines created by Gas Powered Games. Torque Game Builder, and Torque Game Engine. Along with a few tools like showtool pro, shotty at best documentation, and a little program called constructor. This level was made by me, it is a representation of mars taken from NASA's topographical data. I did not have enough time to work on this, It was generally supposed to be a Mars Exploration level, and at the same time I had incorporated a base for the main character, and the enemies are spiders on the other side of the level (all spiders, meshes animations in this are created by myself.

This engine was clunky at best and I am proud of all the animations and Finite state functions for the weapons that I was able to introduce myself to in this project. this was another six month project just me myself and I with a little help from faculty and other students on this project. My crowning achievement on this was my Spider, Created it in literally no time and somehow it made it look impressive to my peers. I learned alot about programming, C#, Finite State Machines, How big to make a level, and learned that Torque Constructor was not a viable peice of software as manyl students including myself had many issues with that software. But to take an engine with the amount of documentation this one had and to output something that looks like this. I am proud of it to say the least after looking back on my three year old level in a five year old engine. Screenshots to come soon.

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