Unreal Engine!

I started with 2.0.

The Oil Rig


This was a class project in which I served as Model Lead, I often threw work back at students and asked them to do better. Eventually it got down to the deadline (being this was a class project) and I was forced to accept what was given to us. Our class kept an art bible, had three divisions, (texture, model, and level designers) and spent roughly six months on this level. We often discussed risk and reward, where to place power ups, and how we can improve the level. While I am not prepared to defend this as the best level in the world, this was a learning experience that everybody grew from. We used scripted elevators within the oil platforms and bottlenecked all player interaction to the bridges, if you fall into the green water of death the shark will eat your body. We utilized a traditional waterfall method for this project and later in our education we utilized AGILE management with SCRUM sessions.

The Oil Rig - Profile

The Oil Rig - Screenshot 1The Oil Rig - Screenshot 2The Oil Rig - Screenshot 3The Oil Rig - Screenshot 4The Oil Rig - Screenshot 5The Oil Rig - Screenshot 6The Oil Rig - Screenshot 7The Oil Rig - Screenshot 8The Oil Rig - Screenshot 9The Oil Rig - Screenshot 10The Oil Rig - Screenshot 11The Oil Rig - Screenshot 12The Oil Rig - Screenshot 13

Dark Carnival


This was a project, the first that I had done for school, designed a level, starting on pen and paper, and expanded it to the whole map, this was a 6 month project all meshes and textures were built by me using 3ds max and photoshop, then imported to the Unreal Engine. I grew from the experience of making this in my free time, it was nothing phenomenal but a good start to level design.

Dark Carnival Profile ShotDark Carnival - Frek Show 1 Dark Carnival - Frek Show 2 Dark Carnival - Frek Show 3


Dark Carnival - Graveyard Dark Carnival - Merry Go Round 1 Dark Carnival - Merry Go Round 2 Dark Carnival - Jack in the Box Dark Carnival - Tent Dark Carnival - Ticket Booth Dark Carnival - Haunted House

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