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Well, here is a little about me, and how Brent came to love technology. Brent often dreamed of pushing a button in one place and watching something happen elsewhere as a child. Brent also has experimented with some dark arts trying to contact his father whom passed when he was but an infant. Brent was programming VCR's at the age of 6 and moved on to computers by the time he was 10. Brent takes a heavy interest in technology and often reads up on multiple topics at once. Built my first computer when I was 14 with saved allowances, it was a Pentium 233MHz machine that had 256 MB of RAM. Brent explored further and upon Windows 95 kind of stopped programming QBasic and batch files, although retaining the knowledge from the menus I had made to get to my games. I continued saving allowances and building computers, eventually networking them together via a switch (forwarding correct ports also) and invited friends over to play multiplayer games. I had made music videos because I did not believe the new age style of videos on the music television stations were satisfactory. I often criticized the directing and coordination of them because they could have been much better.

I had graduated college at the age of 17, two years ahead of my intended class; via fast tracked hands on school that allowed me to work at my own pace (I was not a student that liked to spread homework out throughout the week). I had moved from my hometown of Lakeville, MN to Minneapolis. I had located a job and hacked away at this tree we call life. I attended brown college in 2003 for e-commerce. Due to complications with the state I was unable to continue my education after a semester. Got another job, hacked at life some more (all while still being very in touch with technology and windows). In 2005 my only parent passed away, later that year I attended Brown College again this time for Video Game Design and Development. During my education there I worked as a library assistant helping students find an intermixture of literate and scholastic data for students, faculty and random people who were doing research in the Library.

I take pride in the B.S. I have earned. The only program I was ever heavily intimidated with when I was a young adult was Maya, a 3D editing application. Upon first hearing about it the thought entered my head of "Oh! Cool! I want to make 3D objects too!" I opened the program, and after about 30 minutes of browsing the menus and submenus I had promptly closed the program, and uninstalled. Going to Brown College helped me conquer 3D applications the faculty there had a childlike curiosity and inspiration about them when talking about the programs we used as tools in the daily classroom environment. I would only hope to fractionally inspire the same in others as my former professors have set a blaze within me. In essence this website to show off my knowledge is but a fraction of what is contained within Brent Jorgenson.

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