Lost Work!

Oh no!? seriously? did I lose that? no!

Continuing on from the main story on the home page, I am sure every artist or producer has lost something they really wanted to keep when moving files from one system to another. throughout the years I have lost a few things. Mainly what I am speaking of here (because my old Photoshop work was terrible) are my old music videos. To explain thsi a little bit i had loved music videos growing up until about the mid 1990's. I thought the quality had seriously declined and they were not entertaining to watch. One of my favorites from the time was a Godsmack - I stand alone video that incorporated the movie 'The Scorpion King.' I had often used adobe premier in conjunction with programs like cyberDVD and DVD2AVI(really old program) to rip video onto my HDD, convert it to an AVI that i could edit. I learned alot on my own about video codecs, bitrates, video transitions, effects, compositing from this hobby. I eventually made about 12 music videos mostly composed of Japanese Anime and bands such as Linkin Park, Offspring, and Zug Island to name a few. I often reflect on where that computer may have went and what happened to the videos. But long story short I physically lost the machine they were stored on. This was a very harsh way to learn a lesson. I now utilize Online Backup. I urge any designer that if you care about the work performed save it in three places.

Besides the point of backing up, I utilized online forums to get critiques on my work, a little website that still exists called AnimeMusicVideos.Org. They have a wonderful helpful community to let even children learn to use tools of the trade in digital video editing. It was all very easy to understand except for a few advanced aspects that I picked up later in college. Many recommendations for tools such as Windows movie maker all the way to Final Cut Pro. My music videos were always the talk of the house and a couple of times the neighborhood in Minneapolis. Eventually this inspired my landlord to make a music video for his boss, of his boss's new house right after it was finished and had nothing else in it but a Christmas Tree.

I had a blast making these the only hard part was waiting after everything is compiled and ready to go but it just needs to render and be encoded. Then again though Playstation one had loading times... Those seem less existant nowdays.

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