Other Works!

some interesting things that did not fit in other categories.

Moon Glorious

Character Development

This is Moon Glorious, she was an idea (name came from a friend of mine) for a character in my character design class, women in her culture shave their heads as haircuts to do away with the beauty and to also move more silently and unyielding through the night. as you can see here is an amateurish attempt at a character expression sheet. I had a lot of fun doing the character turn around of her and creating a story for her background.

Moon Glorious 1 Moon Glorious 2 Moon Glorious 3 Moon Glorious 4

Adobe Suite Icons

Because some people just love aftermarket parts!

these were Icons made for the Adobe Suite using 3d Studio Max, I used to be an avid user of some desktop docking applicaiton that accepted high resolution icons. Since then I have ditched the application but got a few colleagues started on creating Icons of their own for various applications. Here are my Adobe Icons free of use, I hope you enjoy. I have included the PNG's for Vista and the ICO files for your pleasure.

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Adobe Icons

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